Types of dental cares feasible abroad

More and more patients are choosing to seek treatment abroad every year. Dental tourism has been growing rapidly in recent years. The offer for dental cares is of good quality and assumption is increasingly adapted to the realities of cross-border patients. Organizing your dental care abroad will certainly reduce your dentist’s bill, but you need to be well-informed about the type of care that is possible. The quality of dental care provided in our partner clinics is at least comparable to that provided in France, Switzerland, Belgium or Canada. The particularity of performing dental care abroad requires taking into account the length of time it takes to complete the treatment. In order to make use of deadlines, the dental laboratories are very close to the clinics when they are not fully integrated into the dental centers. The main motivation for receiving treatment abroad is the cost of treatment often two to three times cheaper than in the country of patients we accompany and who are the time of two or three medical nomadic stays. For many patients, the time needed to complete the treatment is also an important factor. For all patients, the overall quality of care and prostheses remains the highest expectation.

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