Don't forget to join your panoramic radio, the estimates will be precise.

Asking for a quote from YOOCLINIK does not commit you to anything other than to be really motivated to get back your smile

It is important to attach your panoramic dental X-ray, without it we can at best only bring you price elements on dental implants and crowns. In order for us to be able to make your estimates we ask you to be as precise as possible so that the dental surgeons can orient the estimates they will propose to you so that they correspond to what you want. It is rare not to be able to propose several treatment plans. Each element you provide us with allows us to better understand your expectations and to offer you solutions that are right for you.

Radio panoramique dentaire
How to get a panoramic radio?

Let’s say it clearly 9 times out of 10 your dentist will not give it to you, especially if you tell him or her that you want to start your dental care in another country. However, these are usually the same dentists who will gladly treat cross-border patients when they can.

A simple prescription

You can get in touch with your general practitioner who will give you a prescription for a panoramic dental X-ray. For clinics and patients who are members of the European Union we can provide you with the prescription. You will easily find a medical imaging center to take it.

Once you have your panoramic dental radio in hand

Once you have your panoramic dental radio in hand, just take a picture or scan it and send it to us by email. If it’s a laminated radio in this case place it in front of a light source like the sky or your computer screen and take a picture of it with your phone. Make several tries and send us the most conclusive one.

Quality has a price, we offer you the best

Need to get an idea of the price of your dental care?

YOOCLINIK guarantees you the best dentistry at smart prices.

Ceramic-metallic crown

Ceramic-metallic crown
Starting from 475 USD
A durable and accessible dental crown that has proven its worth
  • A natural look
  • A very affordable price
  • Perfect for molars

Dental implants

Dental implants
À partir de 400€
Dental implants brand ICX, Alpha Bio, Nobel Biocare, Strauman, DIO
  • Implant dentaire garanti à vie
  • 10 ans sur l'acte de soin
  • Marques mondialement reconnues

All on 4

All on 4
Dès 3990 €
Prothèse dentaire All-on-4. Une solution parfaites pour éviter le sinus lift
  • Corriger un défaut d'occlusion
  • Pas de greffe osseuse
  • Durée du traitement réduite
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